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 Few decades and the world has changed...Indira Gandhi Yaser Arafat snap flashed all over...black and white ....those were 1970s...........Days of Non-Aligned Movement........
However, these ........ later slowly turned into an era of Muslim appeasement in Indian politics. Mass Muslims did not benefit much although.........Even in the Left ruled West Bengal .....they remained neglected and much below at the development graph.
Those were the days!

...on the contrary, Muslim appeasement only left the Hindus anguished. Anything associated with Hinduism - either could be joked - like Amitabh's encounter with Lord Shiva in 'Deewar'...or that would be called 'communalism'. Hence, Atal Behari Vajpayee was good but his party BJP bad....Remember the unholy alliance of 1996 and India was gifted with Harkishen Singh Surjeet-Prakash Karat inspired Deve Gowda!

Consequently, Hindus started hating Muslims...Politics of Ram Temple united Hindus. But some decades later -- we are in a different world.

Today it is right winger era...

Hence Narendra Modi of 2002 is actually not alone. Trump is a Donald the 'insurgent', Japanese leader too is angry man! Thus struck a wonderful rapport between PM Modi and Israel PM Banjamin Netanyahu.....the message is clear both overseas and in India's national politics.

Significantly given the Israel-Palestine relation and its influence in geo-strategic situations, previous regimes in India has somehow tried to keep a distance from Israeli establishment.

PM Modi and his party BJP have long admired Israel for its military and technical expertise.

A smiling Mr Netanyahu waited patiently at the airport as Prime Minister Modi - also in a much jovial mood - walked into his arms. Both the leaders gave each other tight hug and laughed heartily.
The Israeli Prime Minister also welcomed Mr Modi in Hindi: "aap ka swagat hae mere dost .....My friend Prime Minister Narendra Modi, welcome to Israel".
Recalling his meeting at the United Nations three years back, Mr Netanyahu said Prime Minister Modi had then said about India and Israel relations that - "sky is the limit".
"But .... today, I say sky is not the limit...we have reached even greater heights," Netanyahu said referring to the significant cooperation being made by both the countries in space technology. 

The Israel Prime Minister said Jews in India are today like "wonderful bridge" between the two countries and lauded Prime Minister Modi's role in leading India into a new world order and said: "....You are a great leader of India and a great world leader".
A Delighted Modi walking into the arms of Netanyahu

your hatred has turned greatest boon for Narendra Modi.

If there was any doubt, PM Netanyahu hit the last nail - pretty hard !! where's sickular coffin man?
I can feel few intellectual faces --- in media briefings...the known dalals....etc etc


Now, a question ...Was it a Modi-bhakt speaking at Tel Aviv. Note the enthusiasm in Israel Prime Minister's words: "WE have been waiting for you for 70 long years".

Netanyahu broke the protocol, came to airport and said his country has great admiration for Indian history and culture.
"Your's is a historic visit...We love India, we admire your culture and history".

We know of Marxists, who take a cigar puff - ease out a few rings and 'intellectually' questions Modi's intelligence. But 'Pappu' would still remain a leader of their hope....
Is the world listening....?
Marxism is in vanishing act mood...the world over! 

Therefore, the Big Picture message : India has found a place under the sky under Namo. The Opposition, Indian sickular gang and Leftists must face the truth.

Only the other day, Trump called Modi a 'great Prime Minister'. Now Netanyahu.

Sickular army in India is meanwhile praying for China...Let Beijing teach the chai wala a lessssssonnnn............ Mani Shanker Aiyar, a virtual dynasty retainer, tried with Pakistan for a game!

Or to be caustic...they want that to happen! In 1962. Leftists turned patriots of different order ..........shhhh ! One ought to whisper?
The not so busy Blogger

In international politics, meanwhile, Japan, the United States and India would have another member Israel....things are shaping up?

This new transformation ought to happen that there is a realization that this globe is headed towards a multi-polar world. Hence the countries - giant or influential need to have trusted friends. India gets an opportunity to be among close friends with countries like the United States. 

In aligning with the Americans and other global powers, basically Modi has addressed three barriers – personal, ideological and institutional. There was a hesitation about engaging with Modi. 2002 was partly responsible. The US was disinclined also because they preferred India merely as an ally not an autonomous partner. Moreover, now with most countries - the ties up are not loose or informal. Now all sides are clear about institutional engagements.

This is true to India and the United States and also India and Israel. On the hind side, credit ought to be given to Team Modi - that includes Modi himself and also the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. But we must here also talk about the significant role played by the then PM Atal Behari Vajpayee and his man-for-all-seasons Jaswant Singh.

Well, moving over these, one must take note of Jaswant’s  point blank statement made to the US negotiator, Strobe Talbott. 

“You are playing yesterday’s chess match….The game now is for energy from a region that is falling increasingly into the hands of the forces of radical Islam….No one has had a much experience with Islam as India. You must work with us (India) more in waging our common struggle against these forces”.  (Engaging India - Strobe Talbott)

Finally, things really changed in Indo-US context since these dialogues. And as they - the rest is history. Modi certainly benefited by Jaswant Singh's spadework. Today, India is held high as a partner in the comity of nations. 


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