Monday, July 3, 2017

Cursing Modi is no panacea: Sonia’s men should focus on work

June 30-July 1 mid-night was another evidence of the pattern in which Narendra Modi functions. There is a touch of a master politician and of course – a confident ruler – in of course a typical style making optimum use of democratic platforms and phraseology. But authoritarian rule is nothing new in India or in this world.

Indira Gandhi’s example is phenomenal and all of these were in more ways than one. The new generation Congress leaders try to bask in the light of the past. The inertia is pathetic and on July 1 itself – the media management vis-a-vis ‘National Herald’ show was a living testimony. Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi – someone should have lost job. If this laxity is given the camouflage of democracy, there is something wrong in the Congress party.Even more than an hour after Sonia Gandhi’s and Pranab Mukherjee’s speech – INC India Twitter handle did not much to share. Some agency reporters waiting impatiently were only disappointed. Prior to that even formal invitations did not reach agency offices. One scribe rightly remarked, -- that Congress leadership has rightly realized that “unki ab chhapti nahi”. 

The chamcha-ism of most inefficient jokers – both among dynasty loyal politicians and Lutyen’s journos – cannot take the party further ahead. High time – sleeves are pulled – but not the pappu style in 2012 UP elections. 

On Modi’s ‘authoritarian style’ etc etc, the Congress and the ‘communalists’ BJP – there are some elements which are interlinked. And when we talk about these – self styled champions of morality of all forms Leftists are not to be ignored either.
Take the clock back – just a few decades – “Leftist intellectuals” in 1970s – in the words of a known pro-Left Delhi’s intellectual Kuldip Nayar: “had a great fascination for Indira Gandhi’s authoritarianism”. (Ref. Pg 247 Kuldip Nayar’s autobiography – ‘Beyond the Lines’). 

In the same book and on the same page – Nayar further wrote: “I also heard that her ‘leftist lurch’ had forced the rightist JP to launch a movement”.
In fact, it goes without saying that many old timers believe that the rise of BJP or the Hindutva politics of the RSS – as being felt in every corner of India – has lot to do with the Sangh elements joining the famous JP movement of 1970s.
This association of Jai Prakash Narain and the Sangh elements was certainly called the “greatest mistake” of JP. “An emotional man as he was, he was led by his heart,” writes Kuldip Nayar many years later. It is true the Jana Sangh wanted credibility by associating themselves with a secular movement in order to obliterate the stigma of Hindu communalism.
Democracy, Dynasty and Emergency
It is ironical that the agenda of anti-corruption has thus always suited the Hindutva forces as it did later during Bofors controversy and as late as 2011 and 2012 – when the Anna movement virtually paralysed the Manmohan Singh regime. 
All these lead to debate about the fallacy in the politics of the comrades also. The nation is still to get know whether they will apologise any day about imposing someone called H D Deve Gowda as the Prime Minister of India. To top the historical blunder of 1996 – Harkishen Singh Surjeet also ensured that someone called Ramowalia from rural Punjab could become Union Minister under the moral patronage of the Leftists. 

If the majoritarinism of Narendra Modi is hitting them from all quarters – will they ever rethink on the kind of ‘provocation’ the majority of Modi voters and Bhakts have gone through in last 70 years. Hence the reverse polarisation is an order of the polity today. This only ensures Narendra Modi a longer stint than the intellectuals and virtuous communists, the pro-sickular 'shop keepers' among media stars and of course Congress party would wish him.

Meanwhile, whats going in the media world? Journalists are either right or anti-Modi?
The owners are ready to strike deals with the establishment wherever they can. And when they can't, some of them come to the Press Club of India playing not only victim card - but also
holier than thou!
Why so much of crawling when government agencies expect just bowing down? One analysis is - in the changed atmosphere - media barons suddenly realise that Lala-giri is certainly not the best of business mantras. They realise that books have not been kept clean. 'Ho jae ga ji' and 'Sab chalta hae' approaches of Delhi's business varieties may not settle disputes as long as an arrogant man called Narendra Modi is in power.
Even 'power politics'players Arun Jaitley and M Venkaiah Naidu are perhaps unable to make things move in a pragmatic manner -- as would have been easily possible under NDA-I when Atal Behari Vajpayee was modestly trying to emerge as a saffron-Nehru.
The man named Narendra Modi is a different kettle of fish. He is superbly ambitious and perhaps wants to surpass even Nehru -- attacking whose doomed political philosophy and hypocrititic step like dismissing world's first elected communist government in Kerala - was blasphemous. The 'secular' establishment is rattled because they are anti-change.


But our progressive crowd of sickular netas and intellectuals can talk about change but would resist the 'new India' phenomenon! They want the loaves from the traditional basket. They want to fly in Prime Minister's aircraft. They want to get contracts for friends, they want more free concessional travels - whereas Modi is busy throwing out the old baskets.

You just could not find wrong with liberalism of the left ideology. Modi says - perhaps there was hardly anything right about it. 
Even Israel sojourn is another surgical strike variety push. Those who apologised to Palestine day in and day out -- might need fresh cover. Modi and his party have always tried to admire Israel for its military and technological expertise whereas previous regimes - wedded to SICKULARISM - were more keen to keep a safe distance from the Jewish establishment. Game changer is here ! People call him Modi and an overwhelming Indians seem to find no fault with their Namo.  


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