Thursday, March 1, 2018

Brushing aside intellectuals' verdict, Modi marching on with global payers

The visiting Jordan King, who is credited for pioneering the “Aqaba Process” that makes mass level efforts in Arab world to counter radicalisation, is also the 41st generation descendant of Prophet Muhammad. Sharing stage at a function here, Mr Modi and the King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein spoke in one voice about moderation and pluralism.

Indian intellectuals and English media especially have already written off Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They see 'Nirav Modi' as an harbinger of great catalyst for revival of Congress and feel time is more than ripe probably to make 'paragons of virtues' Rahul Gandhi the next Prime Minister of India.  

But Modi is a player with  a difference. He wants to still play even as Lutyens' intellectuals feel - its is high time status returns into Indian polity. Dynasty is hence the favourite topic these days. However, at the global plane - Modi continues to get the importance he has been getting. 

Sharing stage at a function here, Mr Modi and the King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein spoke in one voice about moderation and pluralism.".....This fight is against that particular mindset that radicalises youth force, misguide them and lead them to perpetrate torture on the innocents," Prime Minister said speaking at a function in presence of Jodan's King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, who also delivered a speech on the theme "Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation". ''Those who resort to violence and claim to fight for protection of the religion have actually harmed their own religion," Mr Modi said.

Making an inspiring speech, the King of Jordan said, "Today's global war against terror is not a fight between 
different religions. It is between all faiths and communities against extremism, hate and violence".

"Too much of what's heard or seen in the news today is about what separates people.....Around the world suspicions are being flamed by what different groups do not know about the other," he said adding such "ideologies of hate" distort the word of God to steer up conflict and "justify crime and terror". 
"Faith should draw the humanity together," he laid emphasis and pointed out that, "it is Faith that inspires the everyday experiences of people in countries like India and Jordan - where different religions and ethnic groups have together in amity throughout history".  
Prime Minister Modi lauded the role of Jordan King in his fight against radicalisation and said India will always support his efforts.

Things are happening. Somethings are moving according to plans -- in the direction Rahul Gandhi and his 'residential retainers' may not appreciate. 

Speaking in a function on the theme "Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation", Jordan King Abdullah and Mr Modi pitched for 'moderate Islam' and tried to highlight that a section of radical Islamists have been trying to hijack the Arab world and other followers of Islam and bringing them into perpetual conflict with the rest of the world.

On diplomatic front, India and Jordan on March 1 shared keenness to take the cooperation further and both sides renewed their support to the Palestinian cause.

At the end of high-level delegation level talks led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and King of Jordan Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein, the two sides inked 12 pacts including on cooperation in defence, health and fertiliser sectors. 

"The talks with His Majesty @KingAbdullahII were wide-ranging and productive. Our discussions will add new vigour to India-Jordan friendship," Prime Minister Modi tweeted. 

"There is keenness on both sides to take this cooperation further and we are in the process of exploring avenues for enhancing the cooperation," T. S. Tirumurti, Secretary, Economic Relations in the Ministry of External Affairs, told reporters at a media briefing. He further said: "Both leaders renewed their support and commitment to the Palestinian cause....."His Majesty was appreciative of our Prime Minister undertaking a standalone visit to Palestine through Amman".

"Terrorism is a matter of great concern for India and Jordan. Jordanian side has lot of experience in this matter and both countries are resolved to cooperate on this issue," he said.


Post Script

Modi hands over 'A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam' to Jordan King

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday handed over an Urdu translation of the book 'A Thinking Person's Guide to Islam' to the King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.
The book is originally penned by Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad, a cousin of the King.
Prince Ghazi is also the Advisor for Religious and Cultural Affairs in Jordan and is known for his scholarship on Islamic matters.
The book tries to highlight the crossroads - the Muslims and the world in general is in today.
The attempt is also to make the world and the non-Muslims in particular understand the real difference between Islam as it has always been, and the 'distorted perversions' of Islam, experts say.


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