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Deepa Karmakar of Tripura among Padma Shri award winners of 2017

In sports category, Padma Shri award this year will go to Olympiad Dipa Karmakar of Tripura. The 23-year-old Karmakar is credited for making India proud at the world stage by coming fourth in Gymnastics at Rio Olympics of 2016.
The Olympiad Girl Dipa

In the social service category, another recipient of Padma Shri award will be West Bengal's "volunteer fire fighter" Bipin Ganatra.
A school dropout and recognised as a volunteer fire-fighter by Kolkata Fire Department, he is credited for being only one person apart from the fire brigade officials who has been to almost every fire accident site in Kolkata in past 40 years.

Oldest woman exponent of Kerala's famous martial art Kalaripayatu, Meenakshi Amma has been selected for the Padmashree Award this year in the Martial Art category among others, the government announced today.
      In Science and Engineering category, the prestigious award goes to Telangana-based Chintakindi Mallesham, who has to his credit to reduce the time taken to weave a sari from 4 hours to 1.5 hour – help freeing up women for higher value chain and more remunerative work.
      According to government announcement, in social work category, 68-year-old Daripalli Ramaiah gets the Padma Shri award for his mission to plant one crore trees. Also known as Chetla Ramaiah, it is said whereever he sees a barren spot, he takes out seeds from his pocket and plant them.  

Captain of Indian Blind cricket team Shekhar Naik would also get Padma award. An ace batsman, he has his credit in leading his team to win first T20 World Cup in 2012 and ODI World Cup in 2014. Also an all rounder, Naik has so far played 63 matches across all formats of the game.
      Another sportstar to bag the prestigious award will be Paralympian Gold medalist Mariyappan Thangavelu, who won Gold in Rio in 2016 Paralympics - T42 High Jump.
      In the agriculture sector, physically challenged farmer Genabhai Dargabhai Patel of Gujarat would get the award. A farmer from village-Sarkari Golia in Banaskantha district, he is credited for transforming drought hit border district into the largest producer of pomegranate in the country.
      In Literature and Education, US-based Anant Agarwal would bag the Padma award. He is founder of  an online platform 'edX' -- that brings courses from the likes of MIT and Havard at all "at no cost", the government citation said.
      Among others the distinction of winning Padma Shri awards this year would also be shared by Suki Bommagowda, the Nightingle of the Halakki Vokkaliga tribes of Karnataka, Odisha's singer Jitendra Haripal, writer activist Eli Ahmed from Assam.
      While Mr Haripal is a top exponent of Kosli – Sambalpuri songs having rendered his voice to 1000 songs, 81-year-old Ms Ahmed is credited for establishing first Assam Film Institute in the in the NE Region, the government announcement said.
Meenakshi Amma

In social work, West Bengal's 'ambulance dada' Karimul Haque also gets the prestigious award. He is credited for running a 24x7 service in Dhalabari village of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri district. He  transports the poor to the district hospital on his bike, often providing first aid as well.  He has single saved over 3,000 lives on his mission. Haque's  bike has virtually become the only lifeline for 20 villages in and around Dhalabari.
      The Padma award winners also include 'Swachta Doot' Pune-based Dr Mapuskar, who is said to have convinced the villagers of Dehu (Pune) to build toilets way back in 1960. The entire village had moved from open defecation to building their own latrines in 2004. He also introduced low-cost sanitation. Punjab-based Balbir Singh Seechewal would get the award for having successfully mobilised volunteers and raised funds from locals and created public awareness not to dispose sewage into the river and thus helping to keep the riverbed clean. He is credited for resurrecting 160 km long river Kali Bein in Punjab.
Tree man: Daripalli Ramaiah

This year's Padma Shri award will also go to Nepal-based Anuradha Koirala, also known as 'Saviour Mother'. The 67-year-old Koirala is credited for rescuing and rehabilitating 12,000 sex trafficking victims and runs a rehabilitation home in Kathmandu and such transit homes along Indo-Nepal border towns.
      In medicine, the Padma Shri award this year goes posthumously to Dr Suniti Solomon of Tamil Nadu, diagnosed first AIDS case in India. She had to her credit the distinction of diagnosing first AIDS case in India in 1985.
      Dr Solomon had also established country's first AIDS Research Group and took up working on AIDS patients at a time when doctors stayed away from them due to stigma attached.
  Dr Subroto Das of Gujarat also gets the award in medicine category for being 'Highway Messiah' and is credited for providing immediate medical help to road accident victims on India's Highways.

      In the same category, Dr Bhakti Yadav, 91-year-old gynaecologist is known for delivering 1,000 babies and is also credited for treating patients free for the past 68 years.
      The government announcement said in the social work category Girish Bharadwaj of Karnataka would get the honour for building more than 100 low cost and eco-friendly suspension bridges connecting remote villages across India.


Political Game

Irrespective of political affiliations, heavy weights like Murli Manohor Joshi, Sharad Pawar, late PA Sangma, late Sunderlal Patwa were prominent among those who got Padma Vibhushan awards.Among the Padma Shri award winners included former Foreign Secretary and eminent diplomat Kanwal Sibal, brother of Congress leader Kapil Sibal. More than 18,000 nominations for 4,000 nominees were received online for the coveted Padma awards and 89 bagged the same.
      According to government sources who made it clear: "Rajniti aur rajya ke chunao nahi, sahi vyakti ka chunao parathamiktha thi (No favouritism for election-bound states)".
The Central government has been cautious that the partisan charge is not attached to it over the selection of Padma award winners this year. "Successive governments have been widely selected for alleged favouritism, lobbying and at times rigging the system. To make the system more transparent, an online nomination process was introduced in May-September 2016 to make the entire process more open and exhaustive," an official said.  
      Inclusion of Mr Joshi in the awards list came as a big surprise for many as few days ago only, it was reported prominently that his name had not figured in the star campaigners' list for BJP though he is a former BJP chief and sitting Lok Sabha MP from Kanpur.
Former Lok Sabha Speaker Sangma's son Conrad is now NPP MP representing Tura parliamentary constituency.
Sangma: Known for Sagacity

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