Friday, October 2, 2015

The Beefy debate: Pouring out all anti-Namo Anger

I start with a proclamation: The 'Indian secularism' is a political ploy and already like a tattered garment, let us not make it worse.

Cow: Motherly love
"Svetlana found it harder and harder to recognize her husband. Over just a few months, he had become another man, although with the same features and body; he seemed inhabited by another being, a mean, grumpy character who spoke and behaved in ways that were not typical of the old Volodia." - 

Extracts from 'Farewell: The Greatest Spy Story of the Twentieth century'— by Sergei Kostin and Eric Raynaud

(Let us change Svetlana with 'Indian people' and the words 'husband or old Volodia' with 'Indian SICKULAR media' and perhaps our understanding of all the issues involved will be clearer.) 
We would know how the 'features' and 'body' have changed and there's another being in the room.
MS CEO Nadella and Namo

Indian media rather sickular media's hatred for Narendra Modi is no secret. But this hatred is slowly giving in to DESPERATION.....Whenever Modi is on a 'good drive' especially abroad....sickulars display their true colour. Prime Minister's recent visit to the US had shaken the SICKULAR CLUB yet they worked overtime on how Modi dragged Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, how someone called Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, wiped his hands after shaking hands with Namo.Then came Dadri.....and oh boy......what an issue!! Sickular army has hit the jackpot.
The verdict is passed BJP, RSS and Hindutva crusaders are responsible and of course the prime accused will be Narendra Modi.
A section of media gave unto itself the role even to lampoon at the Hindi press.
And more precisely, this brings me into writing this blog.
The campaign is near success of Teesta-Sanjiv Bhatt variety when Zaheeras and a shocked tailor are or were forgotten. Here the mandate is again quite clear - BJP is responsible and perhaps that's why Modi is silent. The lamb and the fox story - retold!

The REAL SUCCESS OF #Beefy campaign is not the justice for ill-fated victim, incidentally also a father of an Air Force man deputed in Chennai. It's the bigger message that polarized Hindu India would deprive Muslims and Christians their staple food. Will foreign investment come in?
The lynching of the 50-year-old man to death is certainly condemn-able, but where's the local police - their accountability and the elected government of Uttar Pradesh run by socialists and also 'champion of secularism'? 
Some Hindi papers headlines

None seem to ask these questions. That is deliberate among the political class not to raise it. BSP supremo Mayawati, who once championed the cause of Dalits, has of course questioned the role of Samajwadi Party government - she has her reasons because her Lok Sabha strength is now zero. The conspiracy theory of a not so hidden agenda between BJP and Samajwadi Party of Mulayam Singh would ensure that BSP (read messiahs of Dalits in UP) turns into pages of history. Or is there a 'her-story' brewing? Who would rule out BJP-BSP alliance in future in UP? Past records say - they have stuck deals earlier !
In neighbouring Bihar, Modi's BJP has stuck deals with not one -- but two Dalit-based parties.
The moot point is: I am not saying Dadri lynching should be forgotten as an 'accident'. It ought to be probed simply because even 'routine type road accidents' are also probed or investigated - at least on papers.

Always An Hindutva protagonist! 

Instead what is coming out is reflection of influence of some kind of --- psychological conditioning…..Are all intellectuals and those showing liberal wings are administered drugs? I say this because without seeking reasonable explanation, SICKULAR INDIANS have poured out all the anger accumulated for months. Will it help improve the condition on ground zero? Did lampooning at Modi for reasons -- from 2002 mayhem and even so called snooping over an individual - helped the cause of 'secularism' in India? Could that prevent Narendra Damodardas Modi become Prime Minister of India? In fact, just the opposite happens. Thanks to Dadri lynching Mahesh Sharma could emerge a key political leader in UP in months to come. 
Secularism as being propagated by the likes of communists, Mamata Banerjees and of course ‘virtuous’ Congress is actually a booster dose to promote COMMUNAL-ISM.
It all had started in 1970s when Indira Gandhi played the appeasement card. The constitutional amendment ensured ‘Secularism’ need not be practiced in public or private life. Rather it can be badge of being Congress and even a right to become Prime Minister of India even if the intellect and personality was akin to illustrious poor farmer H D Deve Gowda! Meghnad Desai writes acidly: “India became officially secular just when it ceased to be so in practice”. (The Rediscovery of India).

Now, even as there’s no central law or states-specific law explicitly banning consumption of beef, cow slaughter is prohibited in UP, Delhi, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Rajasthan. In Assam and West Bengal slaughter of cows of over the ages of 10 and 14 years, respectively is permissible. Most Indian states prohibit the slaughter of calves, whether male or female. 
In northeast India, beef is considered staple food. But as someone born and brought up in northeast, I must say, never beef eating or for that even pork eating is a social issue. Tribals and especially Nagas, I am sharing from my personal experience, would be virtually apologetic when they invite non-Nagas to their large kitchen and say, “sorry, you can have your fish; I will need my pork and beef”. There’s need to understand – food habits as something directly linked to geographical and economic conditions. In coastal states like West Bengal, even Durga Puja celebration is not complete without fish cutlet every evening ‘not very far from pandals’.
Let us ensure, the wrong doers are booked and no Dadri recurs! The onus is certainly on the Prime Minister to show that perpetrators of such gory episodes will be brought to justice.

Tail Piece: 
According to Christians in Arunachal Pradesh, in food habits you will not find much difference between Christians and non-Christians.  Beef eating, for instance, is not much cherished even among Christians in the state. “Actually cow or bullock as an animal itself is “alien” to Arunachal Pradesh and the natives. Can you believe, we don’t have a local Arunachali name for cows… basically came in our lives from Assam and so we also call it ‘goru’ or cow only”. (ends)


  1. Informative with a wide angle/perspective is key to the article whereas also underlines the limit of knowledge and scope of thinking of Journalist especially the Print Media as it is better to say nothing about Electronic Media fellows.

  2. The irony in India is that this whole concept of secularism has been forced on the people. It is a colonial concept, aimed at creating divisions. It does not have to do anything with sorting out issues between any two communities. The earlier we kill this so-called secularism, the better it will be. The farther the teachers of secularism are, the better it will be. People have always known how to live together -- and also how to fight. Definitely, there is an agenda when it comes to what you "sickularism" -- it ticks on the usual cliches to whip up the same old stale debate as new. And agendas are always personal (or belonging to a group). They are never about the greatest good.