Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Subhas Bose Mystery: Between ‘Past lies’ and ‘Future Truth’ remains an ‘Uncomfortable Present’

In the dirty world of politics it seems, Narendra Modi’s single most important quality is to remain methodical in unnerving the Congress party and shake their hitherto untouched ‘dynasty’. 
The return of ‘Subhas Bose mystery’ in the national debate – at least for next few months – till January 23, 2016 actually endorses the theory that contemporary Indian history was badly rigged. It was manipulated in favour of one particular family, one particular political party and one particular political thinking – Left of Centre – if someone wants to call it. 

In Gulzar’s famous film ‘Machis’, based on Punjab terrorism, one key protagonist attributes his reason of joining terrorism or violent cult of politics to a question he had faced many a times during his school days, “tell the class, who brought Indian independence”. That’s precisely the way post-Indian independence history has been written and taught. The sole goal being: glorifying one family and give entire credit to one ‘surname’ Gandhi! It’s ironical the dynastic power transferred to Nehru-Gandhi dynasty as a strategic master stroke and there by my Class IV daughter needs to be told, who is Rajmohan Gandhi; but knows the likes of Rahul and Priyanka!

Extract from Anuj Dhar's book
Let’s face another facet of country’s struggle for independence. It’s the glorification of a half-hearted episode called Quit India movement. “Many Indians still do not want to accept and perhaps never will that, that the ‘failed’ INA military onslaught and the Red Fort trials of 1945-46 , and not Quit India movement, majorly impacted the British decision to quit India,” writes Anuj Dhar, a die-hard Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose admirer, in his highly appreciable book ‘India’s Biggest Cover Up’.

Taking the discussions further, we need to examine, how was Pt Jawaharlal Nehru’s basic treatment to Subhas Bose episode? He time and again rejected demand for a probe and repeatedly accepted the well-run theory that “Subhas Bose’s death is correct”. But there were certain facets and traits that made others comment not so favourably on Nehru. Sri Chinmony, an India-born spiritual leader who passed away in 2007 in the US, had said, “even regarding Netaji’s plane crash and death, Nehru’s own public pronouncement contradicted each other."
Namo with Bose kin: Oct 14, 2015
Even Nehru suffered from uncertainty nights or perhaps he deliberately wished to mould reality-day in his own way! …God only knows if Nehru deliberately misrepresented the truth or if he himself was a captive of uncertainty”, he had said further.
While Congress-dynasty retainer-variety politicians P R Dasmunshi (now ailing) and Shivraj Patil quickly dumped Mukherjee Commission report on the Netaji’s death mystery and sought to glorify Nehru’s defence of INA personnel during Red Fort trial; Nehru had categorically rejected demand by West Bengal assembly for a probe into Netaji mystery in 1952. 
“The state government should be informed that we have taken all steps that was possible for us…” he had responded after Dr Atindranath Bose on 6 Aug, 1952, told west Bengal assembly the demand for a probe into Netaji’s death was “a very faint echo of a national desire which is surging in the heart of Bengal”. 

Bose Kin called Oct 14 'an Independence Day'
There’s another major contradictions and albeit hypocrisy in the manner post-independent India behaved with Netaji and his followers.
“The ‘free’ India government remained hostile to Subhas Bose,” says Dhar in his book. In 1948, Nehru told Parliament that the INA men would have no place in the Indian army. (To reinstate them would lead to many complications….--- was the official version).
Worse in 1949, Army Headquarters issued a circular against displaying the picture of Subhas Bose at permanent places in canteens, quarters etc”.
The Defence ministry also maintained that the history of INA should not be published lest it should affect the moral of the soldiers.

As late as 2005, the Home Minister Shivraj Patil said Mukherjee Commission probing Netaji mystery was wasting government money; -- the Congress desperation is a story to be looked into.
So, have I tried to raise a few right questions? 
In Congress parlance up to this day, ironically despite the worst defeat in Congress history in 2014 and the party routed to ‘zero’ or near zero in many states including the national capital, the Nehru-Indira-Sonia family is sadly the only master after God. 
Even Jinnah was victimised!
The Congressmen and women and their secular (read SICKULAR) ‘Cahoots’ tend to believe in their sheer self justification that, - If we believe in the Family and show loyalty we cannot be guilty. But the spirit of salvation is linked to a desperation.  
Thus, the desperation against Narendra Modi is understandable and this can be linked to fantastically orchestrated writers’ protest as none of these supposed intellectuals had in the past questioned or lamented over the wrong doings/happenings during the Congress regime in last 60 years. My understanding is Netaji kin meeting with PM Modi was announced well in advance and thus in a manner the Congress gameplan was ‘attack’ is a way of defence.
Beneficiary: But how long?
"The new strategy of anti-Modi, anti-BJP sections appears to be to resort to 'politics by other means'," Finance Minister Arun Jaitley wrote in his blog piece very aptly. 
In one of my blogs last year, I had said, by focusing on Nehru's brighter spots and virtues - including knowledge of English, good rapport with Britons like Lord Mountbatten to Sir Stafford Cripps and later his role in stewarding free India, scholars have only judged him softly with kids gloves. On the other hand, circumstances have compelled two others Subhas Bose and Mohammed Ali Jinnah to be judged rather harshly. Time for course correction has come, may be.

But the noisy television media has a point this time. "If Netaji was alive after air crash and if Nehru knew about it....Nehru would stand guilty".

Tail Piece:

Courtesy: Dhar's book 'India's Best Cover Up'
The air-crash version and that the accident claimed Netaji’s life actually has left more questions than answers. There have been at least four versions on the scene of action by four different people. Major Takahashi had claimed he tried to save Subhas Bose and directly contested the version of Rahman. One Nakamura said he tried to save while another claimed, both he (Nonogaki) and Rahman tried to save Bose. Apparently papers related to these were not examined properly by any Commission and even Mukherjee Commission appointed by the Vajpayee government.


  1. Indeed, the mystery of Subhash Bose has been one of the most enduring one, post-independence. But, what I am really interested in is how a date has been fixed by Modi. One doesn't know what is all there in those classified files. But, just think of the the discomfiture for Congress -- over what will happen over the next couple of months -- and that too "would not be an end". It would be the "beginning" of the disclosures. It almost reads like: "We will begin peeling off your skin alive from so-and-so date. Till then, you can just chill." Some spine-chilling moments are definitely in store for Congress.

  2. History writing is slave to the interests of power. Sadly, India lacks the culture of truly chronicling historical events. That Indians talk so less and know so less of Subhash Chandra Bose is a telling blow given by Nehru-Gandhi dynasty to the character of the nation -- one who dust-binned one of the bravest sons of the soil who went to all extremes to liberate the motherland. None in the Indian freedom struggle compares to the bravery of Bose.