Monday, August 17, 2015

SICKULARISM, slogan shouting won't help Sonia and her son

Narendra Modi’s conquest of Dubai audience is linked to 'isolation' of Pakistan. There was a terse message on the eve of NSA-level talks...."either join us in fight against terror...or be where you are".
If Namo stayed awayfrom referring to foreign policy matters in Independence-Day speech, we might have thought he missed it as he was only making an extempore speech. Modi had a plan...he always works with plans.
Now take the clock backwards and assess what we come across in media, online journalism and social networking sites vis-à-vis this man --- hating whom is a fashion statement. And to find faultline with Narendra Modi is certainly “intellectualism”!!

Now refer this exemplary study and perhaps a more exemplary observation. There came a brilliant finding. According to the revised budgetary estimates, Modi government in its first year incurred a travel bill of Rs 317 crore – about Rs 59 crore more than the Rs 258 crore the UPA-II cabinet had spent in its last year in office (2013-14). More so, the writer seemed to ask, why so much expenditures – when “one thing which is always common in Modi’s foreign tours is that he never misses to visit a temple or Hindu heritage site in that country” (the article in
So, visiting Nepal as Indian Prime Minister after 17 long years – 10 years in that consumed by Saint Sonia’s MMS regime – is no milestone. Going to Dubai for first time as Indian PM after 34 years is worse – because he managed so land for Hindu temples. How could Indian sickularism entertain such a scenario?
The faultline is elsewhere. The ‘chamcha-force’ of Madam Sonia is getting desperate by the day. There are reasons because Modi regime has hit a section of middlemen in the corridors of power. Therefore when a breakthrough is made in Naga peace talks, immediate conclusion of a section of intellectuals is – won’t it fail like Shillong Accord of 1975.
A date with a Mosque
The real test of Modi-Muivah pact will be assessed on August 14 when Nagas ‘celebrate’ their own Independence Day. Little did this chattering class with full-time ‘press club’ inspired negativity realized that Modi will refer to the Naga peace initiatives in the context of fight against global terrorism in Dubai. Nothing can be more salutary to the Naga peace parleys.
Then again, as soon as Modi announced that the Ministry of Agriculture will be renamed as Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers' Welfare, net savvy Indians plunged into hairsplitting exercise lampooning at PM's "nothing to say" syndrome. Again little did they realise the original prescription to rename the Agriculture Ministry ha come from M S Swaminathan-led National Commission for Farmers, which had made the recommendation in December 2006 during the tenure of "underestimated politician and overestimated economist" Dr Manmohan Singh's tenure. Of course, two other sacrificing Indians - Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi were also around.
So what has happened in the process? In the meantime, Congress was humbled in the Madhya Pradesh civic polls giving a fresh lease of life to Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The shouting brigade and black-badges of Congress, led by Sonia Gandhi, who admittedly is also emulating Mamata Banerjee, was in the ultimate left with the conventional egg on the face.
The problems for Congress and its permanent loyalists SICKULAR BRIGADE is the utter refusal to see that road to comeback trail for the pappu-party is hard work in reviving the organization. 

Mamata did not oust the Left merely by raising slogans. The press conferences and protest in Parliament could suit the likes of Anand Sharma and Jairam Ramesh because they are good at that; but it cannot bring Congress to the corridors of power. The glib-talkers in Congress would do well to realize that it’s high time, the party leadership take all kinds of polls seriously and move out of TV studios in Delhi.
Search of a Road!!
 The latest barb that Modi visited a Mosque in Abu Dhabi only eyeing Bihar polls is as brilliant a statement as Rahul Gandhi had torn off an ordinance in the Press Club of India. It’s different chapter Dr Manmohan Singh still did not feel insulted. Perhaps the road to Congress revival will be one major shocker: a split in the grand old party and taking a break from the dynasty. But will SICKULARISM cherish that?


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