Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Quotable Gems from August 12, 2015 Lok Sabha debate on Lalitgate

Speaker Sumitra Mahajan
Ending a fortnight long logjam over the Lalitgate and other issues, the Lok Sabha on August 12 finally could take up the Congress party sponsored adjournment motion to discuss on the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's alleged involvement in the controversy concerning former IPL administrator.

At the end of a marathon 6-hour debate, which was marred by charges and counter charges and slogan shouting and bedlam, the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley defended his colleague and said the main opposition party had only made Sushma Swaraj "a pretext" to prevent the Goods and Services Tax Bill and the growth momentum under Modi. 

A few memorable Quotes:

Undoubtedly the QUOTE OF THE SEASON IF NOT FOR 2015 came from 
Arun Jaitley, a master orator by any standards:

# QUOTE OF THE SEASON -- The problem with Rahul Gandhi is, he is an expert                                                       without knowledge. - Arun Jaitley 

There are still many honest people in this country whose children have to work for a living. The generations of family which has dominated this country’s politics have not worked for a living. They have learnt the art of living comfortably without working; some of us have not. - Arun Jaitley

# I want to tell Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, you are used to go for long holidays, this time when when you go on holidays, sit in solitude and read the history of your family. - Sushma Swaraj

......The Rajiv Gandhi Government had allowed Anderson to flee as a quid 
 pro quo arrangement with the United States on giving Presidential pardon to one
Adil Shahryar. …Adil’s father, Muhammad Yunus, former Indian Ambassador to Spain and long time Chairman of the Trade  Fair Authority of India was close to Gandhi family. Adil, who was given a federal sentence of 35 years in prison for various crimes was given a Presidential Pardon  by the United States President Ronald Reagan on June 11, 1985. - Sushma Swaraj

# The fair name of a much loved sport in the country which is known as a ‘gentlemen’s game’ should not have been allowed to get sullied and embroiled in transgression of law, ‘off the field’. - Bhartruhari Mahtab of Biju Janata Dal

Blogger in the 'corridors' of Parliament House
I believe whatever acrimony may happen, there are people in this House who may jump into the well and come out unscathed, many of us in our party do not have the talent to jump into the Well and come out unscathed.- Bhartruhari Mahtab, BJD 

# There are many scandals which have been covered up. All these will be taken up, investigated in a fair and honest manner by the agencies and taken to their logical conclusion. - FM Arun Jaitley

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