Thursday, May 17, 2012

Indian Parliament turns 60- What's Netas afraid of?

The former cricketer Kirti Azad has proved that he is a fish of a different variety. On 15 May, he probably let down his new found friends the neta class but his cricket fans and fraternity colleagues should be proud of him. At least, this blogger wants to record the appreciation. Within days the politicians tried to play holier than thou and complained unitedly against what they said a conspiracy and a neo-fashion to denigrade them, the BJP MP from Darbhanga in Bihar blamed the neta class - politicians - for the evil of match fixing and other corrupt practices that had tainted the game of cricket and other sports in the country. “Cricket has been a religion in this country but as a former player I feel pained,” Mr Azad said in Lok Sabha during zero hour adding politicians of all hues “whether in this House or the other House” were to be blamed for all the negative things those got afflicted with the game. Many people, journalists or otherwise endorsed the remarks. Corruption has assumed alarming proportions when the cricket bodies started receiving money after 1996 and politicians made their entry into these bodies, Kirti Azad said even as the Agriculture Minister Mr Sharad Pawar, a prominent cricket official and former BCCI chief gave him a patient hearing. Azad's outburst left the fellow members almost stunned as only a day before speakers after speakers said the civil society and others were out in a 'neofashion' to discredit the politicians. Besides Mr Pawar, among top politicians Mr Farooq Abdullah and Mr Arun Jaitley are also associated with cricket management. Not to refer about the illustrious Suresh Kamadi, who has visited Tihar once. IPL reflects the baser instinct of cricket. Forget sports, it is a commercial entity with entertainment and if necessary get the skirts shortened further! In fact, nothing can be moe offensive for prestige of womanhood in India - the Matri shakti than these. Cricket also had a bad experience when Mandira Bedi appeared for commentary. It may be mentioned that MPs ranging from Mr Gurudas Dasgupta (CPI), Mr Sharad Yadav (JD-U), Mr Yashwant Sinha (BJP) and Mr Sanjay Nirupam (Congress) among others complained recently in parliament for general tendency in the country especially in the light of Anna Hazare movement against the political class. And only on May 13, 2012, celebrating the 60 years of indian parliament, they deservedly gave themselves credit for upholding democracy.... but at what cost. Importantly, the neta class is getting scared of how things are turning slowly. The Anna movement and the way people responded in August 2011, no doubt the Mumbai show was miscalculated, showed Indian politicians were heading for stormy days. The cartoon fiasco is only a reflection of that fear. United they stand --- exposed, to say the least. (ends)

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  1. Just to supplement your good work, lets talk about arenas like cricket which once used to be a significant nationalistic force ignited by Kapil Dev & team. Its not just about politicians, problem is bound to develop when money movement is allowed without accountability. Why are people like Shahrukh Khan able to hijack cricket. Such shrewd businessman have downgrade this sport to a mere money making business through igniting regional sentiment while at the same time enjoying freedom from financial accountability in the name of advancement of sports. If there is so much money in the country to waste on such useless thing, why not reduce tax burden on common men and increase investment on infrastructure by 50%