Saturday, July 16, 2016

Arunachal Satire: Sunday ho ya Monday – Roz feke Andey! With all apologies in Advance

Missive of an Egg!!

In film “Kisi se na Kehena”: Deven Verma explains the meaning of antique to his girlfriend : Ek Ghishi hui purani bekar si cheezen jaise tumhara pitaji (old faded, useless things like your father)
This is certainly the best definition of an would be father-in-law by any youngster.

Well, this is not a definition on me. I am not antique. But as The Egg (my desi name being Andey), I have often thought whether my life would make any admirable subject for a biography. But recent happenings have put me on a rendezvous with destiny --- my journey towards New Delhi. Onetime name of Delhi kingdom was “Hastinapur”. So I commenced the journey: “Hastinapur naresh ki jai ho”. Long live you eternal king of Hastinapur (read New Delhi).
Let me not examine now on who really is the “king” of Delhi. In today’s setting – I have few contenders in mind. Me-Namo – the World Tourist, pappu- the Rahul baba, Hon’ble Mandi House-Pragati Maidan Tower and “towering learned clowns” and not forgetting some Idiot-box “smarties” and their twitter-son Arvind bhai.
“Sahi pakde haen…..? (Have you caught the point right)?
In the meantime, Indian journalism, politics and five-learned “panchayats” have actually propelled me into this long series of adventures. From Itanagar to Delhi!
In today’s world of fanciful eating, I am often “jobless”. But nevertheless eventually I could come out of Arunachal Pradesh hills and at last seem found my way towards Hon’ble Mandi House-Pragati Maidan Tower.
Why this journey and what’s more about Arunachal Pradesh?
Firstly, over the past many years – this northeastern state bordering China has provided the most revealing story of failure in governance. 
Corruption of local neta class being one! The other of course – the indifference of Hastinapur. My people in Arunachal Pradesh have been suffering always but Towering Towers and learned panchayats had little to bother about.
As an “egg” – there came a catchy TV song: “Sunday ho ya Monday – roz khae andey” . Doosri-Bahu also called Maneka tried to change the theme once when she distorted Ramakrishna Paramhansa’s observations about alcohol and threw one-liner: “Next time you take an egg, ask yourself it is you who is eating the egg or it’s the egg which is eating you”.
Life is more than this philosophy for me! Life often seems like a seamless chameleon!
“Main Zindagi ka saath nibhata chala…..I dealt with life as it came !! Actor Devanand would have, however, put all his worries into smoke rings!

But as an "egg" I have my worries as lakhs of those mortals think I should co-exist like me! To them I do make “economic sense” to those who need nutrition but cannot afford vitamins. I make sense to those speedy youngsters who have all the time for “what’app” but hardly the patience to slog it out in the kitchen. 

One such veteran egg-eater is blogger Nirendra Dev – who finds me extremely useful when his wife is away!
Talk of the town is he has egg-omelete in break fast, egg-curry in lunch and egg-boil in dinner!!
I also make sense to those Delhiites – who want to make a right balance between “ghar me veg--- egg chalta hae” culture!
The Tower’s message for Itanagar have been made a big fuss! Arunachal Pradesh will have a new Rule Minister of hardly 36 years age! Mr  NT mandated to rule by “panchayats” have been removed by legislature party!
Is it blasphemy?
But the real story from Mandi House-Pragati Maidan is different – the fable is understood by some, cleverly avoided by a group which believes in RCR-Namo bashing --- one way or the other!

“Stalin did not care in the slightest about the national aspirations of the Azeris” – goes a line in 1946: The Making of the Modern World - by Victor Sebestyen.
Pragati Maidan building too seems to be walking on that treaded path! It loathed what came from wisemen led by Jaitly sahib as “Accountability Bill”. Into the history again - when Stalin thought any of his own subjects wanted autonomy, his first instinct was to react with brutal repression.
“Typically, his way of dealing with the ‘national question’ was to uproot entire ethnic groups and transport them thousands of miles from their homeland to  “into unfamiliar territory” and teach that “someone” a lesson about nationhood and national duty.
That duty is to ensure: there’s no word like accountability for some people in this world.
Remember Somnath chatter—box jee ! He believed in “shame shame” outbursts when it came to others; but when it came to his time to give up chair – he preferred to be expelled than compromise striking deal with MMS. Media called it “cash for vote”!
I call it “egg on the face” ! Please share some egg spots alongside Mandi House of Delhi.

In the name of “Pride and Vanity” – I am an Egg from Arunachal Pradesh!

(Blogger’s note: Religions grow old like trees unless reformed time to time – Bertrand Russel)

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