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Politics is all about irony, risk and performance: Narendra Modi and N Chandrababu Naidu - A study

How does one look at the politics of N. Chandrababu Naidu largely depends on how one should look at it. Naidu was country's original "pro-development" Chief Minister and the tag "CEO" was put to him in 1990s when politics was still about right mix of caste and community! Narendra Modi snatched the tag and used it to his advantage by declaring him as a "catalyst" of change and a neo-economic reformer. Politics is certainly all about timing ! In 2002 Naidu could attack Modi liberally and demand his resignation for allegedly mishandling post-Godhra mayhem; in 2014 and beyond Naidu today needs PM Modi's help to salvage Andhra administration and economy.
Chandrababu: A product of NTR legacy
Politics is also all about irony. In 2016 - Modi may be country's most popular leader and a "challenge" for a decimated Congress; but it is also true that Narendra Modi’s stock has fallen considerably at home. "Some of this was inevitable. He (Modi) invited unreasonably high expectations upon himself with a carefully calculated presidential-style campaign, especially since he then became the first prime minister to enjoy a clear majority in the Lok Sabha," aptly analyzes popular website Foreign
Perhaps to many Naidu also resembles such dilemma. In his first stint as Chief Minister of united Andhra, Chandrababu believed a CEO can bring in miracles. He shaped the IT framework for Hyderabad - the city is not in his control anymore.
That certainly leaves Naidu pensive!
Blogger with TDP's Muslim cadre!

“I am a Chief Minister without a state capital,” he laments repeatedly and protests the manner Congress-led UPA handed over Andhra Pradesh as a bifurcated state to its people.
He knows the truth is bitter. And that is BJP too supported creation of Telangana and all that happened in hurry without proper planning. “My appeal is to entire country,” he says forcefully.

If the state of Andhra Pradesh is to recover fully and jump back to its normal course, the state needs to forget the past tragedies and blunders of bifurcation it underwent when Telangana state was born.  Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu is attempting to reverse what has gone wrong. But he also must try to understand how he can achieve new gains.

Despite TDP presence in the Modi cabinet and BJP presence in Naidu’s ministry, frictions are already visible. A large number of workers at the venue of three-day long Mahanadu (TDP convention) at Tirupati from May 27, 2016 mounted pressure on Chandrababu Naidu) either to "extract" special status from the central government or even take harsh decision of quitting the BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA).

E. Sujata, a district president of TDP Vishakhapatnam unit says, "It is high time we get the Special Status as was promised during the division of the state. We are with the TDP supremo and supported his decision to join NDA in 2014, but now it is high time, the BJP-led Narendra Modi government should deliver".
TDP leader: E Sujatha
The party leaders including MPs from both houses of parliament at the party convention deliberated upon various issues concerning granting of Special Category status. "If special status is not given, an impression has been created that the assistance provided by the central government will further decline. This is not in commensurate with the provisions of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, commitments made in the Parliament, and the development assistance required by the state," one state minister told this magazine in Tirupati.

But on the other hand both local BJP and RSS leaders deny that the centre is not disbursing adequate funds. "Even if funds are released, the chief minister plays politics. He has rechristened various central schemes by giving them local names and also putting his own names and started renaming several schemes as Chandra-anna schemes," says RSS Tirupati president N.V. Srenivas. BJP also denies the charge of neglecting Andhra's welfare. "The chief minister Naidu is often not practical in drawing schemes. For new capital complex at Amravati, he planned an Rs 52,000 crore new capital Amravati. This plan should have been more realistic," says a local BJP leader.

In fact, by May 25-26, Andhra unit of BJP celebrated two years of Modi government throwing figures about funds disbursed from centre for Andhra Pradesh.  "Even for bridging revenue deficit, the centre has released Rs 2304 crore in 2014-15 and later Rs 500 crore," said a BJP document released on the occasion.

Politics and God go together often!
All these lead us to understand quite fast that -- the relations between TDP and BJP are not very cordial and the divorce is only a matter of time.
Secondly, N Chandrababu Naidu - though an ambitious man, knows his limitations as nothing significant happening at regional front too in national politics. But he has made it clear that he will play a key role in future third front yet again, but a cautious customer he is awaiting his time.
And finally and more importantly, the BJP and the RSS see great opportunity to create a roadmap for growth of the Hindutva politics.

Reasons for such optimism, according to workers both in the RSS and the BJP, are many. "The ideology of the RSS for a strong united India has been accepted by the people in Andhra Pradesh. Youths like the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi," says N. V Sreenivas, RSS president of Tirupati Sangh division.

After conquest of Assam, the Sanghparivar is in more than determined bid to explore the hitherto unexplored frontiers. 
“Things are changing fast. There have been sudden increase in number of mosques and churches all of a sudden in recent months," says a local RSS leader. 

We say, baby steps have been taken and these can be good hints for the temper of a regime to emerge. Politics is a mix of irony and gambles! (ends)

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