Sunday, February 14, 2016

An era of Revolutionary Terrorism: Sub-text - Narendra Modi-bashing?

What are the Left Radicals afraid of?

All fictions need not be Falsehood!

In the era of social networking variety of journalism – if we may say so – there’s no dearth of information and opinionated information. The plate is full with videos. Twitter postings etc. There are ample talks about ‘secularism’, Narenda Modi’s Hitlerism, Smriti Irani’s jingoism and nationalism of Sitaram Yechurys, Mamata Banerjee’s perfectionism and Rahul Gandhi’s life of sacrifice at the altar of nationhood! Not forgetting Manmohan Singh’s silence and statements when it suits the family !

And the neo-perfectionism of Desk operators in newspapers in Kolkata.

Moreover, there’s dose of FB/tweeter postings from patriots of Ahmedabad!

There’s hardly hunger left for any intellectual guidance. All are ready-made intellectuals and also patriots with their DEDICATION for AFZALs. ‘Guru’ surname given to an established terrorist was actually prophetic!
But India is always a different variety of civilization. Its modern-civilization roots, however concocted, are based on ‘hate-Hindutva’ and discredit-Indian nationhood platforms. Thus all insurgents and terrorists are human and need human rights protection! Saint Sonia’s tears washed off the sins of Batla House.

Let’s bring the clock back to circa 2016. Saint Sonia and her virtuous son now need power! A bunch of secularists – and mind you pretty good numbers in the country – think February 9 should be dedicated to Afzal Gurus. Hyderabad pro-terrorist slogans and politics are still fresh in people’s memory. 
International Fleet Review 2016: Glimpses of Indian Navy's majestic display
Photo credit: Indian Express 
What’s new about Jawaharlal Nehru University episode? First and foremost – the SICKULARS have walked into a well of their own making! Many pro-left Radical thinkers and non-thinkers (I mean blind followers) feel it was enough. And so a mistake. Hence - belated attempts to give some twists and blame ABVP for the entire game! This is old game leftists are experts and Congress specializes on these for decades now! Remember Somnath Chatterjee’s pro-MMS tilt in turning the cash-for-vote into a virtue for Dr Singh!

The Government and Delhi police should be firm in their decision on upholding the spirit of nationalism – a mandate they have from the people of the country. The broad hints that JNU protests were master minded by Lashqar-e-Taiba chief Hafiz Sayeed is worrisome.

The JNU episode is thus appearing a mix of ultra-leftism, Congress opportunism and terror sponsorship from across the border at its best. Should there be non-NDA national (and possibly) international conference in JNU campus with the likes of Mamata Banerjees and Nitish Kumar (btw Ishrat Jahan’s neo-uncle) will not be surprising!!  
 Are we in an era of Revolutionary Terrorism – just the sub-text being Narendra Modi-bashing?

It’s said – there’s also a kind of fiction which need not be Falsehood.
Have we then genuinely widened the scope of the orchestra?  Otherwise how had it come about that so many men and women of political wisdom and ‘secular’ commitment are willing to devote their best energies to offer martyrdom to Afzal Guru? Sitaram Yechury has found a vocation to outsmart Prakash Karat’s – “no Nuke deal with the US” politics. Rahul Gandhi is desperate for revival. He will go anywhere – to any extent to return to good ‘powerful’ days when bro-in-law can have land in some more states! D Raja is also a communist and a papa! His daughter found screaming on videos. ‘Family centric politics’ is becoming another SICKULAR monopoly!
The big debate is about Modi-bashing, anti-Hindutva ranting and the inherent weakness of majority Hindus called, ‘tolerance’.  If Hafiz Sayeed had any influence in sparking off the JNU protest, it is time the nationalist Indians should pull themselves back and take a concrete step, corrective step!
Hindus have always lacked the components – more than the will and strength – to wage a religious war. This was the case in the 13th century. There was a kind of paralysis and the timing coincided with extinction of Buddhism and VICTORY OF ISLAM.  
  Time, we ought to be careful. All bad parts of history should not be allowed to repeat. The neo-assertion is necessary. This assertion should be linked to nationalism.  
Indians have always marveled at the diversity of cultures and multiple civilizations. This peculiarity is India’s strength.
Hence western political philosophy patterned by partisan influence of Christianity has its limitations. So does the influence of Marxism! The past was buried by forced inimical to Indian civilization – both from within the country and outside. It’s time all virtues are dug up.
JNU protest is actually a test case of testing patience. The cry in the form of a crusade that those who protested in JNU in the name of Afzal were either misguided or actually walked into a trap of ABVP talks about the pressure the left-radicals are facing.
Somewhere on the way, these Left-radicals and beneficiaries of leftist ideology Congress and so called socialists, seem to have today lost the confidence. 

Now there is fear. The fear of Modi’s Hitlerism. In effect, it’s the fear of the nationalistic politics of genuine Indians. Time to call their bluff.   

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