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Revital ? Revival ? What would real time Congress isolation mean?

What would 'real time isolation' of Congress - if that happens in Parliament during monsoon session – mean?

“Most Opposition parties appeared lukewarm to the idea of rallying behind the Congress to stall the three-week monsoon session of Parliament,”  reported Kolkata-based The Telegraph, hardly known for being a pro-Modi publication. So if a paper of secular-intellectuals, written for ‘secular or sickular intellectual readership’ in Mamata Banerjee-ruled West Bengal; has something to say in its first sentence of the story, there’s reason to believe that anti-Modism is yet to fructify. 

This may be set back to sickular English press and pro-left (also pro-Nitish babu) vernacular and Hindi journos; but political animals like Leftists and socialists have their own reasons. 

 So, what comes next: “India’s main opposition Congress party is worried over possible isolation in its unrelenting attack on the government over the visa row of former cricket administrator Lalit Modi”

Ironically this line was reported by Gulf Times on June 22 itself showing despite the limitation of political reading by ‘sickular English press’ – mostly deliberate – some could read what’s stored in.
A number of regional parties have their reasons to stay away from Congress game of trying to isolate Modi government – only to help its own revival.
Regional parties like Samajwadi Party see a pattern in Congress strategy of trying to take on BJP chief ministers in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. 

No regional party can benefit by cornering BJP in these two states and so Rahul Gandhi brigade – despite being armed chair intellectuals like Jairam Ramesh – presume once BJP popularity is on decline – owing to Vyapam and Lalitgate charges against Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Vasundhara Raje – the votes would come to Rahul-baba’s kitty.

The BJP spokesman M J Akbar, a former seasoned political journalist and who was once a Congress MP, has his own reasons to argue: "When there is nothing to say, they shout. A lost child cries... One hopes it will grow up, become an adult”.

There’s a characteristic deeper meaning in what Akbar says. In fact many other regional outfits like JD(U) too find that Congress behavior is childish and it is taking support of other regional parties for granted. 
Thus, it is not without good reason that JD(U) and Samajwadi Party leaders while favour raising Vyapam and Lalitgate they do not want to be seen with Congress in sabotaging parliament proceedings.
Day Dream: Mission Revival
In the GST panel, too, the BJP thinks Congress could be "sidelined" and a report could be tabled paving the way for its passage. The Rajya Sabha select committee headed by BJP MP, Bhupinder Yadav  adopted the report today with dissent notes from Congress members.

"If Parliament cannot function....the Land Bill will be also pushed to the back burner," one BJP leader said adding this suits BJP as anti-farmer issue won’t become major poll issue in Bihar and most of the rumblings in both Houses of Parliament would confine to 'Tu Tu Main Main' war-cry between Congress and BJP.

Similarly sentiment was shared by Ram Vilas Paswan of LJP. The BJP's floor strategists reportedly counseled all constituent partners of NDA to prepare well about counter strategy vis-a-vis Robert Vadra land deals in Rajasthan and the Louis Berger-bribery scam.
"It's a huge scandal worth millions and what has come to light is only tip of iceberg," one leader said commenting on Louis Berger bribery issue against Congress governments in Goa and Assam in 2010 and added that some scams in Congress-ruled Himachal Pradesh too could be raised.
Targeting Chouhan is in Diggy's interest
 In the 'Louis Berger-bribe' scam which allegedly took place in 2010 "officials and ministers" in these two states were bribed for water development projects.
BJP sources alleged needle of suspicion is against Digambar Kamat, former Goa CM,
and Churchill Alemao, who was PWD department. Similarly, Assam CM Tarun Gogoi and his erstwhile cabinet colleague Himanta Biswa Sarma have come under attack.
The BJP spokespersons and NDA MPs who would speak in Parliament during the debate and otherwise would be also given dossiers to prepare themselves to speak on Vadra land deals and the alleged bribery from the US-firm.

"how much of loot was shared by the ruling family in Delhi"
BJP sources said in her meeting with party chief Amit Shah and other BJP leaders, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje, who is under attack over her association with cricket administrator Lalit Modi, submitted papers related to Vadra’s land dealings in Rajasthan.
"It has come to light that the Congress attack against Vasundhara was intensified after the Rajasthan government cancelled mutation of land purchased by his firm Skylight Hospitality Private Limited in January this year," a source said.

In an elaborate plan on reaching out to regional parties like Trinamool Congress, the AIADMK and the Samajwadi Party, BJP sources said, "Congress party was humbled in Lok Sabha polls and lost a series of assembly elections in states. Our message to these regional parties at  such juncture is when the Congress is desperate to revive itself, should these parties work under the same party who had been at one time their rivals in the states".

If Congress really gets isolated in both Houses during the stormy monsoon session and government is able to push pro-reforms GST Bill, this could mean big failure in rejuvenating Congress. A party that has practically marginal and zero support base in several states.
Trinamool Congress....Whose side?

It's not a force in poll-bound Bihar and states like Rajasthan, MP and does not have a single MLA is 70-member Delhi assembly. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s crisis could be individual-specific (incidentally focused on all his rivals in intra-party politics); for grand old party – the Rahul baby needs knee-jerk revamp strategy. 
And that certainly cannot be left to confused – double-meaning politics of minority appeasement (refer Osamaji gems) of Digvijay Singh nor ‘self-styled intellectual aggression’ of NGO-specialist Jairam Ramesh. 
As his well wisher, I did tell Ramesh once, “Sir you would have done better in Aam Admi Party”.


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