Thursday, December 11, 2014

Waxing Eloquently Venkaiah takes on Sickular army on Conversion

Amid the raging debate over re-conversion of a group of Muslims in Uttar Pradesh, the Modi government has strongly favoured bringing in legislation to ban all sorts of conversion. 

“Let there be anti-conversion laws in all the states. Let there be anti-conversion law at the Centre also,” the Parliamentary Affairs Minister Mr M Venkaiah Naidu said in Lok Sabha replying to a heated debate on the conversion and the re-conversion row.Here are some oneliners:

"This conversion or re-conversion is a very serious issue. It cannot be used for politics. There have been incidents in different parts of the country. The entire country has to introspect and find a solution". 

# "We respect the freedom of faith. It is enshrined in the constitution. But freedom of faith cannot become a sustained campaign for proselytisation for foreign funded people". 

# RSS is a great organisation in the country. RSS means ‘Ready for Selfless
Service’. That is RSS. I feel proud that I have the RSS background. It is because
of RSS background, discipline, character, calibre, capacity that I have come to this level.

 Let us all seriously work towards the progress. We  preserve our culture. You feel proud. If you feel proud that you want to be a
Hindu, no problem or a Muslim, no problem or a Christian, no problem. 

 Within six months of coming to power, you want to tear us, no, it is not
 acceptable. You want to use this forum of Parliament to defame my Government,  to defame my Prime Minister and you give slogans against my Prime Minister,  that is not acceptable.

# My point is very simple. Why do you insult others’  belief? As long as the belief not come in the way of public order, as long as the belief not come in the way of the progress of the country, you should allow that
 much freedom to the people. 

# "Bachpan mein hum log gramophone record suntey theyy...jab HMV record stuck hota hae toh usi jagah par ruk kar gana doha raha tha -- Oh Chanda mama, oh chanda mama...oh chanda mama...yeh kya tarika hae".

 Who are the people who are responsible for the partition of the
country? Whose Party is responsible for that?

# My friend from Hyderabad (Asauddin Owaisi) was giving me a lecture. What his brother has said, I cannot quote because he is a Member of the Legislative Assembly. What has he said about Hindu Gods? I do not want to repeat it because we should not use this forum to rouse passions outside and create tensions which are not there. What is required is not tension – what is required is attention towards the development. That is the agenda of this Government.

# We hoist National Flag on 15th August and 26th January and say, 'Jai Hind'...does it mean victory only to Hindus an not for others...The word Hindu was not given by Narendra Modi

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