Saturday, September 27, 2014

Modi's UN speech : Social networking oneliners

Perhaps the single biggest takeaway from Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s UN speech is that he has brought the hands of the clock to the same point again. In Hindi it could read: ghari ki sui usi jagah wapas aa gayi hae…

The Prima Minister Modi made his pro-talks (with Nawaz Sharif) clear in unambiguous words: “I am prepared to engage in a serious bilateral dialogue with Pakistan in a peaceful atmosphere, without the shadow of terrorism”. A simple sentence with intensely powerful meaning. In a way, he snubs his Pakistani counterpart for dragging a third party and in other words has set the ball rolling for talks.

Here are my postings on FB and Twitter

Pak knows they r facing a real 'Gujarat ke sher'.......Pakistani NSA Sartaz Aziz welcomes Narendra Modi's UN speech

# PM Modi was not that harsh which otherwise most of the detractors for both Nawaz Sharif and Modi had expected ....Perhaps Modi understood Nawaz Sharif's compulsion vis-a-vis Pakistani army and limitation as a civilian ruler in that country......talks could begin again !!

Modi blasts....west....good terrorism....bad terrorism.... seeks global role for India......... PM Namo turning Statesman

Hon'ble PM at the UNGA:"Despite UN various other groups such as G-8 are there. Why should we not work towards G-All"

# Sickulars should get busy finding faults with PM Namo's UN conquest......
‪#‎PMNamo‬ has a point in calling for g...all.....ridicules so many groupings....sign of a true STATESMAN 

Few comments and tweets from others:

Modi emerges as a Global Statesman thru a comprehensive and sensible address. Projects India as an imp global player. - Ram Madhav, BJP

"What I find very positive is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at UNGA in which he said I want to improve relations with our neighbours including Pakistan. – Sartaz Aziz, Pakistan NSA

# I can only provide information...analysis and perception is yours (Media)  -- Syed Akbarrudin, Indian MEA spokesman when asked if Indo-Pak talks will ever resume. 

# Detractors assailed macho foreign policy when he cancelled talks. Seems to have worked out fine so far. Talking tough paying - Rahul Kanwal, Headlines Today

# PM Modi made an important point -- naysayers, cynics and pessimists can never make a positive contribution. Just ignore them.  - Kanchan Gupta, senior journalist 

# Both the premiers are the fresh hope between the war ravaged and acrimony laced countries which remained captive to the ambitionism of the few on either side of the divide. Saner elements must not let this opportunity slip back to nothingness. - Syed Mohsin Raza, Pakistani TV anchor

# PM Modi speech at UNGC suggests he is transforming his image at fast pace! who will change image of his furious supporters now? - Andalib Akhtar, Indian Awaz

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