Friday, August 3, 2012

Question Hour: Mr Prime Minister are u ready?

1.Which Prime Minister sacrificed his Railway Minister despite endorsing his budget and that too in the middle of budget session?

2. Which government stoked Telangana fire?

3. Which govt. led Nagas and Meiteis to clash over visit of a Naga leader to his native village?

4. Which PM says “I m not astrologer” for problems like inflation?

5. Which PM blames coalition politics for corruption under his nose?

6. Which PM says “to err is human” when Muslim Minister A R Antulay says deaths of Mumbai top cops in 26/11 was due to “Terrorism plus factor”?

7. Which PM tries blaming his former Finance Minster for financial hara-kiri within days of the latter’s resignation to be ruling dispensation’s Presidential candidate?

8. Which PM rewards Power Minister on the day of darkness in 20 states to be country's Home Minister?

9. Which PM goes for a SAARC Summit and signs bilateral accord with Pakistan on Baluchistan?

10. Which PM looks the other way, when his Home Minister says - ice cream by middle class is a luxury ?

11. Under which government, aviation industry nosedived, Air India turned from ‘Maharaja’ to a pauper?

12. Under whose Government, 20 states crippled by unprecedented power failure for long hours --- July 30 and July 31 (2012) ?

Pls add up from yr end or ‘minus’ : with additional comments? No prizes please.

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