Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mid-term election is better option than PM getting helpless on corruption

An highly disappointing media interaction by the Prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He goes escapist; blaming coalition politics for corruption. He sounds helpless and himself showing 'ethical deficit'. The best self-respecting thing for him is to quit....
Samajwadi Party leader Mohan Singh has a point when he says, the "fear of election" is no justification for corruption and if the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh sounds so helpless about it; well Samajwadi Party is ready to accept
election, says Mohan Singh. So would be the country. Mid-term election is better option than to have a government and a Prime Minister which wants to
continue in office notwithstanding all the vexed corruption cases against it.
During the news conference, the Prime Minister admitted that as the head of the government he has moral responsibility for whatever happening in the government; "but Prime Minister also said elections cannot be held every six months".
These contentions are only laughable and do not augur well for a Prime Minister, who wants to be respected as an honest guy among the so called
"Such contentions are not acceptable..... The Prime Minister
justifying corruption due to coalition politics and the fear of
election does not augur well for someone like Dr Singh's stature," said SP leader.
I also agree to the argument that this news conference only reflected inherent contraditions the Prime Minister is facing as also the internal bickering within UPA and the Congress party.
Dr Singh needs to explain as to how the vice of corruption could be lincked to coalition partners and at the same time continue to
enjoy the fruits of power. This is really uncalled for.
The UPA 2 and the Congress also face certain contradictions. Congress wants a JPC only to probe 2G scam so that entire blame can be passed on to the allies. Dr Singh's regime has already singled out DMK and kept it out from key cabinet committees.
BJP stalwart L K Advani has now demanded a JPC for probe into all issues of corruption including ISRO, Adarsh and Commonwealth games wherein the needle of suspicion is directly against Congress leaders.
So parliamentary logjam may be continued even as all parties would want budget to be passed.


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